Emily Edlynn, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Director of Pediatric Behavioral Medicine

Dr. Edlynn is a licensed clinical psychologist with specialty training in pediatric health psychology. Previously, she served as the Clinical Program Director for the pediatric palliative care team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles from 2008-2012, and as the Clinical Program Director for the Medical Day Treatment program at Children’s Hospital Colorado from 2013-2016, where she had a faculty appointment in the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Dr. Edlynn has most recently worked for Amita Health to establish and expand health psychology services in their larger health care system.

Dr. Edlynn received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Loyola University Chicago in 2007 after completing her internship at Stanford University School of Medicine. She then received postdoctoral training in psycho-oncology at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Dr. Edlynn has participated in several national conferences and published several peer-reviewed journal articles on topics related to pediatric palliative care and programs serving youth with chronic medical illness.

In her therapy approach, she draws from evidence-based practice, while collaboratively tailoring therapy to individual needs and symptoms. The goal is always to improve daily functioning and each person’s quality of life regardless of the status of their disease. Dr. Edlynn has extensive experience working with a variety of illnesses and symptoms (eg, chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, seizures, diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, cancer) by using a combination of cognitive behavioral approaches, mindfulness, and stress management strategies. She has a special interest in youth managing grief and loss. Dr. Edlynn is certified in medical hypnotherapy.

Dr. Edlynn serves as a guest professional writer for several parenting publications including Parents Magazine, The Huffington Post, and Scary Mommy.

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays